The Passion test – seven-week course

The Passion test is the number one tool for discovering passion and purpose. It’s designed to help you discover what really makes you happy and it will start you on your journey to confidently forge your own path.

Who is the Passion Test for?

  • Do you recognize that your life is leading you more than that it’s you being in the drivers seat of your life?
  • Do you feel there is so much you would like to do each day, but somehow the hours and days are just slipping away between your fingers, and often at the end of the day, you are left with the feeling that you haven’t accomplished what you wanted?
  • Do you lack clarity about what it is that would make your life purposeful and would give you a feeling of fulfillment?
  •  Would you like to get clarity about your passions and priorities in life are, and create a guideline on how to focus your attention on what is most important to you?

If your answer to most of the above questions is ‘Yes!’, then please keep on reading because this course has been designed for you!

If you want to become the conscious creator of your life rather than being bounced around like a football, then you need to start by becoming clear about what you really value in life, what matters most to you, what it is that you are passionate about and what it is that lights you up!

That is what the passion test is all about!

During the seven-week course, you will discover that the Passion test is a series of tools and exercises that will get your crystal clear on what really matters in your life and show you how to live with integrity to yourself.


Session 1: Welcome to the Passion test
In the first session you will be introduced to a few important Passion test concepts and you will make a start with identifying what it is like to have a feeling of clarity about your life.

Session 2: Identifying your passions
In the second session you are going to take your first big step in the process of getting clear about your passions. Through a guided journaling exercise, you are making a start to compose your list of all the things you would love to have, be and do if your life would be ideal! You will complete your list in the week following the session.

Session 3: Discovering your top 5 Passions
In this session, you are going to identify your five most important passions! Even if you think you know what your top passions are, try to keep an open mind -you might discover something you never knew about yourself!

Session 4: Markers – The evidence you’re living your passions
Now that you know what your top five Passions are and you know where you stand in living them at this moment of your life, it’s time to take the next step and work on living them consistently. Your biggest tool to living your passions is finding the markers that will proof that you are indeed living them! So today you will find your 3-5 markers for each passion.

Session 5: Scoring your Passions & the secret that guarantees a Passionate life!
Discovering your passions is only the first step in starting to live a passionate life. The next step is to see to what extent you have been giving priority to your top passions so far. Where do you stand right now in following your passions? And what is the secret that guarantees a passionate life?

Session 6: Creating your action plan
In this session we are going to create a simple action plan so that you are crystal clear about the five most important things you can do now to start living your passions.

Bonus Session 7: How to get paid to do what you love
In the final session we will brainstorm on How to make a living following your passions. Many people think that there are only certain ways that you can make an income. We were taught that we don’t always have the luxury of following our dreams. In this session we will see if there is a different way of looking at work and life that can allow you to live your passions And make a great income at the same time!

Do you want to start your journey to a Passionate life?

If you’re interested to start your own Passion test process, you have three options:

  1. Do this course by yourself and at your own schedule.
    If you choose this option, you have the freedom to watch the videos and do the exercises in your workbook as slow or fast as suits you. You’ll have total control over the speed of your Passion process! If this is your prefered option, please click here to sign up, pay and get immediate access to The Passion Test!
  2. Join the Passion test group course on zoom (video conferencing) starting on Monday 25 March at 8.30 pm EAT.
    Cost for this seven week course is 18.000,- shilling . This price includes: Nine sessions of 1-1.5 hours each, 15 video lessons for extra support and understanding, and a workbook full of exercises that we will use during the sessions.
  3. Buy a one-on-one coaching package in which I will take you on your tailor made Passion test journey!
    Cost will be 58.000,- shilling for nine hours of coaching. We can do this both online on zoom or face to face if you live in Nairobi.

Please fill out the form below to register for the Passion test group training or to make an appointment for one-on-one coaching and I come back to you within 24 hours!