Passion and talent coaching

We all like to feel our lives are purposeful, that we are motivated and inspired by how we spend our days. We like to live a life with passion. Yet many of us feel unsatisfied, unhappy and unfulfilled, both in our personal and professional life.

Passion and talent coaching assumes that you will feel most happy when you engage in work or other occupations that taps your talents and fuels your passions. During the sessions we will uncover and discover what your passions and talents are and how you  best tap and nurture them.

Passion and talent coaching is an exciting way to get to the core of who you are, of what you want to do, feel, have, learn, experience and feel in your life if it would all be up to you…which of course it is!

In one full day I will take you through an exciting and uplifting proces that will result in a crystal clear guideline for your life!

Cost for this one day intensive coaching is 42.000,- Shilling. Please fill out the form below and I’ll come back to you to make an appointment.