Experiences and recommendations

“My 8 week mindfulness course with Eva was one of the most positive experiences of my life.
I obtained crucial life tools that I have continued to count on whenever my mind starts to run away with itself!
Eva helped me to focus on the moment, to accept myself and to not take life for granted.I am a more content person thanks to Eva and Mindfulness.”
Anna Little

“I was very excited when I was able to join the Mindfulness course but quickly experienced resistance to it within myself, perhaps out of fear of venturing into the unknown. However, I was determined to complete the course as I wanted the tools to re-align my life. I managed, and am now able to use what I learned through Mindfulness to live a more joyful, stress free and appreciative life.

My sister had the same experience when she recently signed up for a Mindfulness course. I insisted she show up on week 2 and 3. After that she couldn’t wait for the next session.

My advice, keep going, and put any negative thoughts on hold until you’ve completed the course, when you’ll find they have evaporated and you will be in a newly powerful, positive world”
Sarah Hayward

“This is a great 8 weeks journey with Eva. I took it when I was in Addis and it really helped me to be more aware of my life with a caring and loving attitude. With Eva I learnt how to be less judgmental about what I do, or how I live and apreciate more the greatness of each and every moment. Very recommendable!”
Ines Mazarassa

“I wish I was there to take this training again! I took the same training with Eva one year ago. It was a life changing experience since I learnt to become more aware of my feelings, thoughts and how the surrounding world impacts me. Accepting things how they came, turning negative situations and feeling into nice opportunities and more than anything living each moment in a mindfulness way! I loved it!”
Rosa Aranda

“Anyone in Nairobi who wants to make meditation a regular part of your life, and who could use some structure to get you going, this is a great opportunity! Eva, do you give discounts to repeat students?”
Emily Waters