Nine week mindfulness course starting June 2019

Did you know that 40% of your happiness can be influenced by your own intentional thoughts and behavior? This means that you can take charge of your own happiness by intentionally do and think things that are positive like:   

  • Managing your mind by cultivating positive thoughts and feelings through practicing meditation (as little as 12 minutes per day will already make a huge difference!)
  • Not postponing your happiness till you reach your goals but aligning your values with your actions now.
  • Using the ‘silent observer’ inside yourself to make wise decisions that will help you change your negative neural pathways.

The Nine week mindfulness and meditation course consists of three parts:

The first part (3 sessions) introduces you to the why of mindfulness and meditation and you will hear more about the latest scientific research on happiness. In this section you will discover how to make the greatest positive impact on your own level of happiness and you will start applying what you learned from day 1!

In the second part (3 sessions) we will look more closely at what meditation is, what it involves and how it affects your body and mind.

The third part (3 sessions) dives deeper into presence and mindfulness. During these sessions, you will discover and practice how to manage the chatter in your mind that takes you away from the things that really matter to you in life. You will practice bringing your full attention to your experiences and working on developing a mindful attitude.

Ultimately, by doing this course and applying the tools that you learn, you will develop a greater feeling of satisfaction in the things you do, you will build better connections with the people you love and value and you will be able to find greater focus in everything you do.

Practicing meditation and breathing exercises is an integral part of this course and we will start with this from week 1, both during the sessions and as homework.

Program nine-week mindfulness course

Session 1: Welcome and Introduction.
In this first session, we will learn about the specific mindfulness and meditation approach of this course and we’ll dive into the subjects of distractions, stress and relaxation.

Session 2: Happiness and the power of your intentional thoughts and actions.
In the second session, we will explore your ‘happiness set-point’ that determines your normal level of happiness after the excitement of life-changing events wears of. We will look at the components of happiness, discover how much of your happiness you can influence and how you can do that.

Session 3: Values and goals and finding your silent witness.
In the third session we will investigate your values and goals and see how your values are about ‘being’ while your goals are about ‘becoming’. Identifying your values is important because happiness is, at least partly, the sense of peace you get from living in alignment with your values.

Session 4: What meditation is and how it affects you.
Today we will look deeper into what meditation is and what happens in your body and mind when you meditate.

Session 5: The body-mind connection.
In session five, we are going to explore how your mind and body are connected and how they influence each other and how you can use this to your benefit.

Session 6: Roles and your natural state of being.
Today, we are going to look deeper into the Western and Eastern perspective on being human and we will explore the different roles you take on in your life. Roles that sometimes take you away from your natural state of relaxation and that keep you from being connected with your inner self.

Session 7: Adopting a mindful attitude
Often when you ask someone if he/she knows what mindfulness is, the first thing they will mention is ‘to be present in the moment’. But what does this mean? Today we will familiarize ourselves with the concept of presence and we will learn about developing a mindful attitude.

Session 8: Mind management – learning from and dealing with the past.
Through mindfulness, we’re aiming to become conscious of our thoughts. The goal is for us is to have thoughts – not for the thoughts to have us. When we think about the past, we often return to the things that went wrong. To overcome this tendency, we need to recognize that we can’t change the past. Instead, we change our attitude towards our thoughts and emotions. In today’s session, you will learn how to do that.

Session 9: Accepting and appreciating the present.
Today we will learn how to accept and appreciate the present. We will also start to see the difference between pain and (self-inflicted) suffering. We will conclude the course by brainstorming how to take everything you learned in the past eight weeks with you in the future.

You can choose to take this course:

1. On your own at your convenient time. If this is your prefered option, please click here to continue your registration. 
2. As a group course. In nine weeks I will take you through this course during weekly meetings on zoom starting on 5 June at 8.00 pm. Cost of this course is 18.000,- shilling and includes 9 zoom sessions of 1- 1.5 hours each, 24 video lessons for extra support, eight meditation audios, six videos with breathing exercises and a workbook that we will use during the sessions.

Note: Sessions will be recorded so if you can’t be there for each session, you will still be able to see the session at a later moment.

To join this course, please fill out the form below. Registation is possible till Friday 23 March.