Mindfulness coaching

Mindfulness coaching is based on Jon Kabat Zinn’s Stress Reduction program at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.

The coaching sessions follow the same program as the nine week mindfulness training but can be extended to more weeks if necessary. A typical coaching session takes 1.5 hours and consists for about 50% of shorter and longer formal meditation exercises to train your awareness, to bring attention to the present moment and to refocus your attention when you got distracted. 

The other part of the sessions is a therapeutic one where we focus on specific themes that are important in mindfulness practice like autopilot behavior, dealing with hindrances and taking good care of yourself and we connect these themes to your own life. Each session, we also take time to discuss your own mindfulness practice and specific issues you are working on during the course of the program.

It is also possible to just focus on the meditation exercises and skip the therapeutical part.

You can start with mindfulness coaching at your convenient time. You can fill out the contact form below with your questions or to make an appointment.