Follow my facebook page!

This is not a regular post but a special message for my followers! About a month ago I’ve started a facebook page where I regularly post simple and practical mindfulness exercises that can help you integrate mindfulness in your day to day life. I usually create the exercise based on an experience I had that day that somehow caught my attention, sometimes negative, sometimes positive but that I always try to transform in an experience that grows and develops my own practice. Having this facebook page is a wonderful way to reinforce mindfulness in my own life, stimulate my creativity and reach out to other mindfulness practicioners at the same time!

Since my mindfulness community is growing and extending to all corners of the world, I’ve also decided to start e-coaching using skype in March 2014. A new adventure I’m very excited about and much looking forward to! So if you’re interested in doing mindfulness coaching or passion coaching with me, please let me know and we’ll start the journey together!

The address of my mindfulness facebook page is

If you go there and ‘like’ the page you will automatically receive new exercises and updates on your own facebook page. Hope to see you there!