We all want to be happy, but how often do you stop and weigh up what really counts? Do you know what your passions are? Are you aware of your personal patterns that keep you from living a life you would love?


Meditation and mindfulness can help you find the pause button and experience life more clearly. It can help you get in touch with your thoughts and emotions, your values and passions and will show you a path to become happier, calmer, inspired and more present!


May you walk in beauty, everyday
May you stand in your truth.
May you wake up to the beauty within you,
and around you.
May your mindfulness practice grow and flower
and nourish your life
and work
and your world.
From moment to moment and from day to day
For the sake of yourself and all those who love you,
near and far,
known and unknown

                                                                                                         Jon Kabat Zinn